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The Future of Long Point Road in Spring Branch

Imagine Spring Branch transformed into a “Livable Center”.  What’s a Livable City? Think places where people can live, work, and play without needing a car for much of it. The Long Point Reimagined Project aims to transform the Long Point corridor area.

Principles of Livable Centers

1.More walkable
2. More transit-enabled
3. More connected
4. More visually appealing
5. More convenient, safe, and secure
6. Updated infrastructure
7. Improved environmental quality

The transformation of Hayden Park into 3 parks; one community park, a nature park, and a family park, will transform the area in many ways. It will connect many of the schools in Spring Branch. Electricity will light the way. Playgrounds will be scattered throughout, as well as, connected to other major trails in Houston that will lead directly to Downtown.

With the addition of the Houston Bullet train, which will travel to Dallas, the area will also act as a major hub. MySpringBranch.Org states that the bullet train is expected to remove 14,630 cars daily from Interstate 45, which will save 81.5 million gallons of gas a year and will be using the safest technology in the world, while I-45 is the 2nd deadliest highway in America.

More sidewalks mean more modes of transportation. This includes biking and walking rather than using a vehicle. Traffic flow will improve and the environment will benefit. With more people on foot, the opportunity to walk to shopping, food, and entertainment will be widely accepted.

For more information, watch the video provided in this link.

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